Bittersweet Obstacles

The goal with this information is to make the disability department CAR (Center for Accessible Resources) more reliant on students’ abilities to achieve the work in college. Instead of them trying to justify the need to support the disabilities only. The purpose of anyone going to college is to be as independent as they can with the skills that they are willing to learn and achieve to be able to be employable from the college.

The goal with my education is to know my ability to overcome  obstacles with any work I may be asked to do professionally and use those skills to do a cost effective job for future employers. For any employer, I don’t want to be a frivolous employee.  Also I want to make sure I am giving my best effort to that work. This is why I believe in studying at a college. If I didn’t want to do the work, I would have quit a long time ago on my own if I didn’t think I can do the work or didn’t care about it.

The disability department should be able to stand by the work that any student can do within the boundaries of the education. If there is a problem with the work, it can always be solved since the student is working on accredited work. For example, during the last few weeks I have been trying to resolve a problem with a program I have been trying to learn but mistakes kept happening with that program and I blame my disability somewhat for those mistakes because I kept hitting a wall with the mistakes. However, I did find a way to resolve those mistakes by finding a different way to do the work that is still productive and reasonable for keep on doing the assignments.  I had to change my mouse to a trackball to avoid making the mistakes or errors with the assignment. That problem-solving methods should be a part of the department because most of the time the participation with the work is going to be little adjustments to make an assignment accessible, if the student is willing to do the work.

I had no desire to be a stereotype for a dropout rate. My desire was to know my abilities to do my part until there is no option to find I can’t do the work. The people that should make that call is the student and the instructor because the work can be shown on a professional level within the academic boundaries.

CAR should not be in a position to show problems with the work to enforce a dropout rate stereotype with students. Their dependence needs to be on the students’ abilities to overcome obstacles with any assignment. If the student has a love and passion for a particular study than the Department should be more practical about how serious the student is willing to participate in the assignments because they are willing to do their part in going after their dream with the degree.  The department is not realizing the harm they are placing those students into for desiring to dropouts as a stereotype to save funding.  The department should never want any student to give up on the work to complete a class. Professionally they should never look for ways to get out of work. Their desire for a dropout streak should be alarming but they are not breaking any civil rights laws; they are getting out of professional work that students need.




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