IMA final… a collage story

For my final project I decided I would do something goofy with the word game “Mad Libs”. The video is a collage of video, audio and still images. The Mad Libs story I have chosen is about about the concept of “home sweet home”. The music track is a homemade version of the song “Home on the Range”.

The funnest part of this project was getting together with two of my friends to record the music for the video. I have not recorded music in a very long time so this was exciting for me. I purposely applied static to the music file to replicate the sound of a very old recording. The end result of the music track does not sound like our original recording, but had to be stretched out to full-fill the minimum time limit for the project and to fit with the voice recordings. The music track was originally cut in my friends basement recording studio, and afterwards I ran it through Audition before adding it to the video.

The video that I used was shot with my Elph camera. I used Eugene Skinner’s cabin as the major image for the classical rustic ideal of what “home sweet home” is and to match with the old time feel of the music track. The other images were taken from Google images and spiced into the video.

I admit, some of the audio and video transitions are a little rough. Such is life for a beginner in the media arts. I just keep faith that as time continues I will improve with all of the new tools that I am learning to work with.

It was fun being in a introductory class with a diverse group with many different creative influences. I look forward to seeing everyone next term!