Campus resources

I was trying to bring awareness to three campus resources with this project. They are the food pantry, clothing stash and the snack shack. The food pantry gives free food to all lane students with a busy Thursday. (restocking/lots of people) the clothing stash gives free clothing to students for up to 5 items per student per week. The clothing stash is at the basement of center building. The snack shack sells snacks and drinks at a decent price. The snack shack and the food pantry are in building 1 room 201. These three resources can make someone’s day when money is a little tight or even more affordable in price for a lot of students. I believe every student should know about these three resources as soon as possible so they can utilize them a lot sooner instead of stressing on clothing or food. The snack shack offers free coffee on opening week, Wednesday’s and finals week. Its something for the students who drink coffee or need the coffee.(hahaha) I have known these resources for along time and find them very useful and a great set of people that work at these places. These jobs are held by work-studies which they work to earn money (in financial aid package) instead of taking loans.