P5 Image Editing

IMA-F17-Del Rio, Andrea-F17-P5 Image Editing from Andrea Del Rio on Vimeo.

This project ended up being a lot of fun to work on, even though I had a hard time in the beginning coming up with a singular idea to go with, I decided to keep it simple and landed on “5 Things To Do on a Weekend.” I thought about the different ways I could go about making this project and i ended up wanting to try video since I had never worked with it before. Since I was inexperienced with shooting video, working on this project was cool but also made me feel like a fish out of water. I was definitely grateful that my friend was super patient while I spent time figuring out what I was doing with the camera and willing to be in my video. I’ve also never worked with Premiere before so this project definitely was all around a good learning experience, even from figuring out how to import and work on the video clips to maneuvering through the editing options, it was all super new and intimidating. One thing I wanted to work with more was figuring out how to mess with the audio levels in Premiere but I ended up running out of time. I’m glad I got to experiment with a new program and try a new form of media to work with overall, I feel this project was a good stepping stone for future work, it certainly helped solidify my interest in video/film.

By: Andrea Del Rio