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FormFiftyFive is a blog about design and allows designers to showcase their creative work. It does not only consist of graphic design but photography, movies and videos, technology and music as well. I have chosen this site because the first thing someone will see is ten tabs with different labels which makes it easier on a newcomer to find what they are looking for. The second label is “Showcase” and it is exactly that. The blog isn’t afraid to showcase other’s work and this allows viewers to easily find inspiration. The blog’s main purpose is for people to find inspiration through showcased work. After personally being on the site, I can confirm that it runs smoothly and isn’t difficult to find anything.  When you find an artist or piece of creative it isn’t difficult to find more information. FormFiftyFive provides links to the artists’ website where, for example, you can look deeper into someone’s portfolio. After being on the site it is easy to understand their emphasis on finding inspiration and is like that because it is put together well and runs smoothly. Everything about this blog is to help bring inspiration to others and show people new pieces of creative work to explore and learn from.