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Me, Family and Friends

I am a cat/dog lover (mine only) and own 2 dogs and 4 cats. The pets are my friends and help me when I get upset with things. I am an easy going person most of the time. I find the time here at lane fun, but stressful from time to time. Some classes were the best classes CIS 101 and 102. With what I learned from these classes I have been able to track down hackers that have hacked my computer by obtaining the IP address from the security logs my computer records and reporting it to the authorities. I enjoy time with my family especially my nieces and nephew. I enjoy video games (Skyrim (PS3) and Summoners War (android Tablet) and time with the family doing arts and crafts as well as cooking together. My eldest niece Sabyn is quiet the cook. We cook a lot of desserts and sometimes dinner as a team. I also like to connect with my instructors here at Lane Community College; it helps smooths things when I need to see them in their offices. They are always willing to help and work with me on difficult projects/concerns. When I am done getting my degree I plan to work for a gaming company/theme park in the advertisement department. I have always wanted to work at a theme park since I was 7 and went to Disneyland for my birthday. Something there calmed me and wanted to return since.- Jeremie Balek

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