Scavenger Funt

1. I like to call this one “Trashy Blur.” Taken at the gear checkout counter in building 17.
2. The lighting in this room made for some fun shade changes. Taken in the studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” in building 17.
3. Some cute colored key rings with Fran posing in the background. Taken in the Center for Student Engagement in the Center Building. 
4. This photo makes me think of the volcano from Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Taken in the main art gallery.
5. I actually ended up putting $5 into the Art-O-Mat, and I got a lovely pair of earrings. Unfortunately, I have virgin earlobes, so if anyone wants a pair of earrings? 
6. Guess where this photo was taken! This photo was taken at the reference counter in the library.
7. Look at my lil footsies there. I love those guys. When I’m feeling down and on the ground, they always know just how to support me.  Taken outside of the Health & Wellness building.
8. Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.
9. Loneliness is so tacky; isn’t it? Taken in the Media Creation Lab.
10. Black canvas. Taken outside Judy Gate’s office. 
11. How speckle-tacular! Taken in the indie lab in building 17.
12. Here’s a wall. Lovely. Taken in building 1.
13. I actually sprayed water all over a concrete wall to talk this picture. Wet AND functional! Taken behind building 5.

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