Typostrate: A world of Typography!

Typostrate is a professional typography blog.  I think the site design is chic and clean. I enjoy the use of black and white. Although a simple design, it is rather effective with easy navigation. The easy navigation is provided from the drop down menus and a search bar at the top of the website. Each drop down menu is linked to a category that leads to things from useful information to inspiring images and tips. Each category has at least 5 or more different sections to explore. For example, the resources tab has the sections of free fonts, book reviews, templates, videos, guides, pens of choice, and design deals.

One of my favorite pages from this blog is the Guides section under Resources. This section is just one of the many useful pages filled with quality information from Typography to even a Brush Pen Guide.  http://typostrate.com/category/resources/guides/

This site has so much  to offer readers with rich tutorials, quotes, and more! I also noticed this blog is frequently updated which keeps more people involved with great content.

Overall, I think Typostrate is a unique website that explores typography in a well rounded way. People seem to forget Typography is not something minuscule but something important that can make or break a piece. I think Typostrate knows that and seeks to share and educate people in the ways of this art form. I can see this through their mission statement on their about us page.

The mission since the begining of typostrate, was to create a site which shows the passion and power of typography to the world. Typostrate tries to reach as much people as possible on the planet and show them that typography is not only a niche product or a sublevel of graphic design. Typography is an own world and we take you on the journey through this adventure. Enjoy our site and spread the love for typography to your friends and family.”


Here’s a preview of their website.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 6.42.54 PM.png

You can visit Typostrate here: http://typostrate.com/

Thanks for reading!