My Brief Introduction


Hello everyone,

My name is Hunter. I’ve lived in Oregon for all my life, mostly in Eugene. I’m the current Multimedia Editor/Movie Reviewer at The Torch and work for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. I was also on the Yearbook staff back in my Junior year of high school.

I had a huge obsession with sharks when I was in elementary school. Because of that, I originally wanted to be a scuba diver, so that I could swim with sharks. Then, when I was about 6 or 7, my mom brought home a VHS tape (yes, I remember those) of Jaws. Ever since my first viewing of that film, not only did it become my favorite film, it also inspired me to pursue becoming a film director. Other favorite films of mine are Halloween (1978), Blade Runner (The Final Cut), and Good Will Hunting.

In the last 4-5 years, I’ve developed an interest in screenwriting and video editing. I recently changed my major to Multimedia to work closer in a field I have an interest in and to learn other useful skills.

When I’m finished with the Media Arts program, I hope to find work in the video/film production field. Since the industry is evolving in exciting ways, now’s the time to jump on the train

By Hunter Ruland

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