Humans and Other Animals



This project started from a big idea that kept having to be trimmed down. At the end I felt I had to condense much of it, and doubted that the complex ideas were communicated in their full scope to match my vision. I also feel the video lacked a certain unity. I shot footage in three different locations, with my original scope and vision. By the time I recorded the audio, I had to trim out one of the main aspects to fit the time constraints and much of my footage that would have assisted in unifying was no longer useful.  But I came up with a flow, using audio to unify.

Then, during the last editing session, some suggestions were made by the teacher and I had to scrap a few shots, leaving gaps that I rushed to fill, having to pull from my photographic still collection. During the editing, the audio got off. I felt those last crucial hours made a lot of awkwardness I didn’t have the editing time to smooth over. I would have preferred to have varied the stills among the visuals more, rather than having them clumped in two sections of the video, and have it thematically match up with the audio content better.

Overall, I am pretty disappointed with the outcome. I hope to revisit this project and give it a bit more editing to make it smoother and more unified.

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