A Modern Look

For my Professional Practices assignment I chose to visit a gallery called Modern. They specialize in abstract pieces, mainly by local artists and are at this time featuring an artist out of Portland named Jenny Grey. They also offer jewelry from various artists around the world.


I spoke with a young lady named Courtney Canal who said she has been working there for three months, although she worked at a gallery on the University of Oregon campus five years before working for Modern. Courtney is not a professional artist herself, though she does dabble in acrylic painting. She told me the gallery is owned by a lady named Denise S.

The philosophy Modern tries to uphold is high end art to furnish and decorate your home. As well as art Modern offers custom made furniture. I admired the clean lines and trendy colors. Though I doubt I would invest in something like that as once I have bought furniture it has to last for years and years. We definitely cannot afford to switch out furniture every two years as trends change.


The jewelry is something to behold! Gold, silver! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets. You know, jewelry!


Now, do not be disillusioned. These pieces of abstract art, jewelry, fine furniture and other objects du art are not cheap. The website has three $$$. So you have to have a lot of cash lying around. But it is certainly worth the perusing.


By Melissa Norton

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