If you’ve got a moment, I would like to introduce to you the “Indie Filmmaking Blog” ( produced by the Lights Film School.

Things I like:

  • Free filmmaking tutorials
  • Well laid out
  • Film clips and trailers of upcoming releases
  • Interesting subject matter like current Indie News, Why folks are motivated to see a movie and would you make a film if you knew no one would go to it?  Screenshot_1

The school itself, I’m not sure about. The blog is slick, but it seems to be an online school, and I’m always skeptical about those. Not that there aren’t any good online schools. I just think you have to be a little more careful when considering an online school, because they’re not regulated as rigorously, especially if they’re located in another country. That said, the information on this school’s blog is engaging and entertaining. It draws you in and makes you want to explore and learn. If that’s any indication of the quality of training they offer, then I wouldn’t be too concerned.

I especially like the video, “Pointing in the Dark”, Screenshot_4which discusses why artists continue to produce art even if no one appreciates it. This short video focuses on Vincent Van Gogh as an example. It’s well done. Good production value and minimal frustrations when attempting to play (do not use the current version of the Maxthon browser, FYI). This video contains excellent information that could help the struggling artist continue, if they were considering the alternative either in frustration or necessity.

If you get a chance and you’re interested in indie films, it’s worth taking a look at this Indie Filmmaking Blog.

By A. H. Norton


  1. Milton Pareta

    I love this post because I want to work in the film industry plus I love Indie films. My dream is to attend Sundance Film Festival, Cannes, SWFX, and others.

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