Hey, It’s Me!

Hello! My name is Tyler Plummer and I’m a multimedia student at Lane Community College. This will be my second year here at Lane and I’ve had a ton of fun so far going through the program. I like everything that the program offers, from drawing to video production. I love being creative end expressing myself through my art. I want to share my work with others.

My primarily interests are photography, music production, and animation. I started to develop an interest in both photography and music production in high school and those interests have grown greatly since I first started going to Lane. My brother first introduced me to music production and I’ve loved the possibility of creating unique, expressive sounds ever since. The same could be said about photography too.  I aspire become a freelance photographer, or a music producer, artist, in the future. I also wish to get the music certificate at Lane once I’m finished with the multimedia program.

I’m a moderately shy person, but I’m really nice once you get to know me. Outside of creating multimedia work, I enjoy the simple things in life. Some of the things I enjoy to do are playing video games, watching basketball, watching anime and random videos, and being with friends. One other thing I’d like to mention Is that I love birds.

I hope to get along with everyone on this class.


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  1. hughest

    You’ll find many other classmates who have a strong interest in music production. Glad you are in Media Arts … sounds like you have interest and talent in all areas of media. I know very little about birds…you will be my “go to” person if we ever have a bird question!

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