IMA Final Project by Nate Emerson

To be honest, I think this is my favorite thing that I’ve made for this class (not counting the NUMEROUS technical difficulties I ran into) For this video I set out to fix some of the mistakes and problems with my last project (5 things that suck in life) I wanted this one to be more focused. I decided that I would start formulating my idea for the video by forming the concept in one sentence. After awhile I arrived at “An infomercial about an all purpose utensil that is clearly useless.” After that part was done, it was just a matter of how I wanted to structure it. The next biggest thing I wanted to do with this video was experiment more with camera work. I ended up doing a lot more takes than I had intended because either I didn’t like the angle or one of my actors moved out of frame. By the end of it, however it was worth the effort since the product ended up being better than I could have hoped. I would love to continue doing sketch comedy in the future, I have found it to be rewarding. Hopefully you all agree… maybe?

2 thoughts on “IMA Final Project by Nate Emerson

  1. Georgia Harter

    You can really see the improvement between this video & your last one. This was hilarious & much more fluid. I think you really have a future with comedy. Great job!

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