Audio Project: Meeting Marvin


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By: Christopher Palanuk

Not all of what I do is photography. Sometimes (and usually when class requires it) I dabble in audio or writing. In this case, I did both. It’s not much in terms of good. It’s probably bad, and most likely ugly, but it was rather fun.

I just took a excerpt from a random idea I had and fleshed it into spoken word. Unfortunately, with only three minutes, I wasn’t able to even get to the themes I wanted to tackle (sexism, racism, justification of violence/language, how ridiculous some stories are in video games). Yet, overall, I’m happy to have had the opportunity to have made it.

The technical data definitely should have been stronger. The atmosphere, or lack thereof, needed to be improved. The backdrop was supposed to be an equivalent to an icy snow planet and there isn’t one hint of that in the ambiance. Another hiccup was that there wasn’t a female voice actor. So, sadly, the robotic voice and the “female” voice sound roughly the same because of both being my voice differentiated only by pitch. Ah, well.

Some backdrop: One high level programmer (female), who built part of a new virtual reality console, is tasked with fixing it. Unfortunately, it’s problem is located virtually, not physically. So, to combat the program’s dangers, she hires a random character (the hero), to help her get to the problem (Ironic, right? Trying to tackle sexism in video games and a male hero is used to physically help the female sidekick? Oh well.). When they enter the world, they meet a rather unusual character… and that’s where the sound-byte begins.

SO…. what do you think?

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