The Revolution

Zahara has no real friends, an estranged family,  she’s a complete and utter outsider, and if that wasn’t enough, she had been hearing voices since she was 6. One day while Zahara was fighting with her inner demon, rightfully named Hel, she bumps into a hacker named Tyler. Tyler pulls her into a group named “Faceless”.  It’s a whirlwind of new friends and excitement, but things start to get out of hand when she realizes that Tyler and “Faceless” are not as kind as they seem. Hit with the reality of what has come to pass; Zahara turns to the one “person” that she tried to forget. Can Zahara right the wrongs she had helped to create before it is too late?

Zahara & Hel


When I first heard of this project, my script came to my mind immediately. My story reminded me a lot of the book trailers I watch, so that’s how I thought of it. I created the story in my head to help bring my characters to life with more meaning and emotion. I would ask questions of my characters such as “Why was she so upset?”, “Who was the voice in her head”, and “How did a girl get in to such a terrible situation in the first place?”. That’s where Zahara came from, and what better to terrorize her than a demon named Hel. After I made the sound clip I thought it needed some back story to it.  I thought the best way to tell my story was to write it like the synopsis on the back of a book, just to fit my weird theme/thoughts.


Made by Brittany

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