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After reviewing several blogs based around the concept of game design, I settled on as the professional blog to review for my Multimedia 101 assignment. The blog is for a company called Intersog, which helps people through the game design process from the beginning of development all the way through to the advertising.

Both the website and the blog are fantastically designed, but the assignment is to focus on the blog, so here goes the pros and cons.

Pros: The blog is community driven, the people who post to it take the subject and goal of the site seriously, and most if not all of the posts are on topic, informative and helpful. A beautiful compliment to the well laid-out website, the blog is intuitively laid out, with many neatly organized links that pertain to the purpose of the blog and many other links that lead the viewer to other sources of information about the company and what it does. Professional, simple, and well done.

Cons: Being community driven, the articles and posts are written in a variety of unique writing styles, leeching away the sense of unity between them after reading a few. A minor hiccup inherent to the style of the site.

The blog articles themselves cover various global events and developments pertaining to the game development industry and the technology that shapes it. There are posts stretching back further than would even be pertinent to the modern industry, and yet has posts as early as three days prior to this post, concerning the newer developments in the industry.

-Posted by Riley Clayton-Sanders on January 19th of 2016

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