It’s Brittany …

They all scream ” notice me senpai” and I whisper “no”.
I am a Nerd, a Fan-Girl, a book-dragon, and even Otaku, but most of all I am me.ipod 419.jpg

Lust Cosplay From FullMetal Alchemist brotherhood

Raised in a small town in Oregon, I spent most of my time playing
Pokemon and Digimon with my sister, watching cartoons or watching my
dad play video games. Growing up in that way was the perfect recipe
for an artsy person like me. Now I’m here trying to get my multimedia
arts degree at Lane, and hopefully get an internship at Disney
Animation Studios. I dream of living in Japan for a few years,
then London, and to finally settle down in Canada or the West Coast.

Here are a some icebreaker facts about me:

  • I can quack like a duck, I had ducks when I was young, and it just became a thing.
  • My favorite video game is BioShock Infinite, (Playstation all the way!)
  • I love to collect movies and books, I love a great story.
  • I hated reading until I graduated high school, picking up a book was like torture to me.
  • I love “SuperWhoLock”. If you want to talk about any of the golden trio, I am more than happy to talk about it.
  • I have dyed my hair over 100 times.
  • I went to San Diego Comic Con last year, and it was the best moment of my life.
  • I love to cosplay, my cosplay project right now is Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.

2 thoughts on “It’s Brittany …

  1. Karl Reindel

    I think to is awesome that you do a lot of cosplay and get into it. I wish I could get into it more. Your blog expresses a good impression of yourself. Great blog.

  2. Nate Emerson

    That is an awesome Lust cosplay! Also I totally agree, Playstation is life. (Though I’m more of a Nintendo guy, Sony is a close second :P)

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