Talking to Myself… by: Christopher Palanuk


If ever there was something that I hated talking about, especially online, it’s about myself. I don’t mind it so much when it’s between friends over trivial things or posting about cool new equipment I’ve added to my camera bag. But when the task is asked of a person every college term, it starts to wear on said person as a redundant filler for a teacher’s agenda. I’m not saying that teachers who use this assignment aren’t caring or don’t have anything else to use. However, I do feel that there are greater subjects to contemplate for breaking in new forms of media. But, I digress.

Working through the Media Arts program in college, I am currently focused upon photography and how to hone my craft. It’s not only become a hobby of mine, as well as a pursuit of a career, but also as a current “job”. I personally don’t know if you can consider a school newspaper as an official place of employment, yet it does fit the criteria of the definition. Either way, it is a rewardable experience with an enjoyable way to learn.

More to the point of an autobiography, I enjoy listening to pop/rock, killing time studying other artist’s works, and flipping through Super Chevy magazines. If there is one thing that tops them all, however, (and as you may have already guessed), grabbing a camera and hitting the bricks. It doesn’t matter where, when, or even what (most of the time). So long as there is film in the camera case, I’m shooting and always searching for the next big thing. For me, it’s therapy.

Copy - DSC_3814

It’s always rewarding to have pics like this, too.

Now to wrap this all up: This is me in a nutshell; it may not be all of me, but it’s enough to keep me within the 300 word count.