P5 Image Editing

Well, in this video I really wanted to talk about character creation. It’s what I want to do so I figured 5 tips for character creation was appropriate. I couldn’t really make a finished picture with how much time I had (plus research took a while- I’d never drawn armor before) but then again, concept art is supposed to be rough and quick until you get an idea to run with. I used a generic knight of the Order for my personal Jade Project series. The Order formed when five Paladins were exiled from their affiliation with the peacekeepers. Those five exiles formed the Hand, the leaders of the new Order who consist of Mundane non magic users. They enhance their abilities with technology to keep up with the Arcane people who dominate the land, and hunt them down. There’s some backstory, I promise it’s cooler than it sounds. I’m for sure going to change the design on this guy later…

Yes, I went 8 seconds over the limit. But I had so many things to say give me a break. I had to cut out an entire minute of other information already. These are just really basic tips that I hardly talk about, each point alone deserves much more elaboration. I tried Premier but I learn software very slowly, so I went back to After Effects for this video. My computer quit on me a few times while using the screen capture software, that was annoying but it worked in the end.

By far the most time consuming thing was syncing up the different screen capture clips and messing with making them sped up. Also opacity.

I can say that I’m pretty happy with how the video came out, dismal voice work and all. 5 was an interesting prompt and as usual, the first thing that came to mind was character creation.