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Concept Art World is a professional collection of blogs covering the vast aspects of (you guessed it) Concept Art. The blog has a visually pleasing layout with clear navigation tools(the tabs), the site also does a good job of being on top for new releases. The first thing you see when visiting this website is a slide slow of featured artist’s pieces, followed underneath by thumbnails and links to whats new in the concept world. For example concept art for the Batman v Superman costume art, Halo 5: Guardians, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At the top of the page tabs, topics of interest for the website our: artists, studios, books, training, inspiration. Under the artist tab you can easily catch your eye on a wide selection of creations, with each featured artist having a small gallery of their own pieces; along with hyperlinks to their personal websites. The studio section allows for one to see some of the companies behind the concept art, such as my favorite being Atomhawk Design; my opinion strongly biased because I am familiar with and do admire their previous work. The book tab offers book tutorials ranging from all skill levels for drawing, there are illustrated books if you would rather enjoy the pieces! The training tab gives first hand knowledge from established veteran concept artist, giving you the option of purchasing a lesson or enrolling in an online class.

The greatest resource that I  found is the “books” and the “training” sections. Concept Art and game art blogs & websites are a dime a dozen, but it is quite rare for these blogs to devote a whole section where the reader(you) can actually be set on the right path to begin picking up this trade.

By Kendrick Taylor

One thought on “Concept Art World – Find a blog you care about

  1. Ashley Spann

    This is a really cool blog! I actually really enjoyed how the background was pretty dark so that the concept art could really pop and catch the eye! I love concept art. I’m no artist myself, but I’ve always enjoyed viewing concept art for movies and video games. I think I was first introduced to concept art while playing a Star Wars game on ps2. You can unlock concept art as the game goes on. I thought it was super cool to see the beginning versions of the game! Anyway, super cool blog!!

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