A World of Manga

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For at least 5 years I have been reading manga, and I’m always fascinated by the many artwork styles and the many themes and genre’s they provide. This site called the MangaBlog: http://mangablog.mangabookshelf.com/ covers a variety of diverse manga’s ranges for many young and old to lot’s of popular manga of recent years and old that have been translated into English.

This blog primarily highlights reviews and conversations about various types of manga. Usually each week has a different theme related manga from many of the reviewers who own the blog. Each post consists of links to other websites consisting of many other interesting manga reviews from many people to all sorts of genre’s. Be it romance, comedy, psychological, tragedy, horror, and many more. The site also has links to articles or news that goes over what manga has affected recently to, how it affected someone in what they do, the top spot on this week’s New York Times Manga Best Seller list, or an interesting interview with famous manga creators at conventions, especially at big conventions` like the NYCC (New York Comic Con).

The industry of manga as a whole recently has been more popular than ever and is well known, because it is distributed worldwide. What supports this is on the blog, one of the posts covers about publishers releasing almost 800 new volumes of many manga’s in 2014, up 25% from 2013 and I wouldn’t be surprised! Even “One Piece” by Oda Eiichiro won Guinness World record for, “The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” being 320,866,000!

Sometimes I wonder if I myself will ever make a manga of my own. I mean making a story of your own and if it becomes popular enough and become animated sounds so breathtaking.

By Derek Van Devender