Sp15-P5 Image Editing

For my P5 project I decided to do the five wildlife around Lane Community College campus. I wanted to get more pictures of the stray cats outside of the Machinery department but, there was the only one. I also got some pictures of the turkeys that run around the campus. I couldn’t get into the pond due to it requiring authorized personal so I went to Amazon Park and got some really nice pictures of the ducks and geese with their babies. For the cougar it was the same with the ducks and geese but, instead I took pictures of the locations they are said to show up when they attack.

I enjoyed doing this more then I did with the audio. I got some really good shots of the ducks and geese which was fun, plus trying to get shots of the cougars was a thrilling adventure and amazing let down when I wasn’t able to get any.

I used Imovie which was a pain to use and the music I used was Gentle Piano Loop from freesounds.org