Hey Mami

I heard the song “Hey Mami” by Fannypack in a movie which I can’t racal. When I first heard the song I immediately wanted to make my own visuals for it. When this assignment came up it gave me a good excuse to produce it, I just needed to incorporate the number five. I didn’t have a solid idea for the video but there wasn’t much to my idea anyway, I just knew I need some sort of beginning and ending to the video and incorporate the number five. I started sketching out ideas on a storyboard and it started coming to life. I have never directed before but it ended up being a really fun experience, I still don’t think I would want to director as a full time job.

Some challenges I ran into

Incorporating the number five.

The first day we shot ended up being the last sunny day, which made it hard to get all the shots I wanted.

My main talent had to go to Hawaii for his little brothers graduation.

It’s very hard to get proper indoor lighting without proper equipment.

These aren’t actors but they did a REALLY good job.

I’m not a director.

There’s a lot of things I would change if I had the time but I’m still happy with my final product.

I hope you like it.

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