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Indie Tips

The blog Indie Tips is exactly what you think, tips for indie film makers. I had no idea about this site until I searched “cinematography blogs” and found a article with “the top 10 film sites you should visit every day”. Now that I found Indie Tips, I honestly probably will visit the site everyday. Indie sites has everything you could think of, it has tips on directing, editing, writing and DSLR cameras with example from large production movies you may love or hate. Not only is there tips on producing but they have reviews on trending movies just released and a page called “Film Talk” where they talk about history, behind the scenes facts, rumors, rants and other random articles like “Lord of the Rings explained in four minutes” that are well worth the read.

The site does a very good job of categorizing their different topics which is very helpful if your not good with navigating a website or if your not familiar with cinematography terms. The site is very clean and simply laid out which also makes it easier to navigate. at the bottom of each page is has a “About the author” post, which is a brief overview of who wrote the article. Below the “About the Author”post they have a “You may also like” section showing different articles that you may be interested in. The site looks fairly new because in all of the different categories there aren’t that many posts. For example when you click on the directing tap a drop down menu appears with “Acting” and “Producing”. The acting page only has one post, and the producing page only has three. I know I said I would probably be on there everyday, but it wont be more than one or two videos a day before I have watched them all.

Overall this is a great site with great information.

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  1. Marla Wirrick

    Great site. As a writer, I found the writing section especially insightful. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention.

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