Sp15-P1 About Me

Hello, I am Drew Eggers and I am from Portland, Oregon. This is my first year at LCC, but I also went to Portland Community College for a while. I used to work at the Nike World headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon as a full time night custodian. But left that job to go back to school and pursue sports media, radio in specific. My ultimate goal is to be a host or a producer for a sports radio show at some point in my life. I am a huge sports fan and I spend a lot of my free time watching sports. I grew up around sports and it has become a great passion of mine to go to games in person and also watch on TV. Even though I live in Eugene, I am a huge Oregon State Beavers fan and have been since I was born. I moved to Eugene to live with a couple good friends of mine who were already living here, and it was a chance to start a new opportunity in my life. I lived in Portland my whole life prior to living in Eugene. I took this intro to media class because I felt it would help give me good skills that I may not know for going into media in general. Some of the best advice I have ever got was to just try to learn a whole bunch of different things and know a variety of skills. So that is my goal at this point is to learn some new skills.


2 thoughts on “Sp15-P1 About Me

  1. Rich Robison

    Beavers? Really? Just kidding! I think you made a good choice coming to this class. These days it pays off diversify your skill set.

  2. Marla

    Nothing wrong with being loyal to a good team. Best of luck in your pursuits in the world of sports media. Great field.

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