P6 Final Project

(Media will be added soon).

I really enjoyed this project. Getting to work with Brian Ross & Hannah Koppes was the first instance I’ve ever had in the collaborative process of working with others on anything art related. I liked that the experience gave me the chance to be with others just as driven and determined to get this project done. Originally I went into this final assignment with absolutely no idea or direction as to what I was going to do. Then I overheard Brian talking about how he was pitching the idea of a music video and how he hated storyboarding. I thought to myself: “That’s perfect, because I love doing storyboarding.” So I joined up with Brian to help take part in his vision. He chose to cover the song to a band I had never heard of: “Why?” and their song, “For Someone”. He gave me a listen and after explaining to me what he had planed on doing, where and at certain times in the music he wanted specific things to happen in the video, he gave me a good scene of where this was headed. He told me he had an actress lined up for us (a friend of his) but after we found out that she wasn’t going to follow through for us we enlisted the help of another classmate, Hannah Koppes. (who was his original choice) and the project would have not been possible without her involvement. (no actress, no music video). After we got the okay from Teresa to have her on the team I felt good about the project, good, but not too clear on how it was suppose come together. Brian had given me bits and pieces of information as to what he had planned, but I felt that it didn’t come together into a linear story. So I decided to work on a hand drawn storyboard for us. That way we would have a better feeling of being on the same page when it came time to shooting the shots for our video/s. After showing it to Brian he took a few pictures so that we could always have it on us without needing to carry around the big cumbersome portfolio that it had been drawn on. When we went out to our locations the weather was perfect for the work we were doing. (It was almost as if god knew we were in a tight time crunch to get video). After we got the rough draft shots for what we needed I kept in contact with Brian to see where we were at with the editing. After he had pieced together our rough cut video and had a complete copy, he sent me what he had. I was ecstatic and ready to get my hands on the color-sequencing shots. After our work came together the way it did, I felt I left this assignment with more experience and knowledge under my belt then I had before it began.