A Dream Not Come True

My brother Brendan and I worked together on this final project. To start, we had numerous ideas on what we wanted to do the project on, but ran into problems with each idea. Plus we wanted to come up with something different enough than our previous projects. After a LOT of thinking, my brother finally came up with the idea of creating a stop motion animation. I had done one of these a few years ago for my high school video production class and had a lot of fun with it. We both agreed on coming up with a story that we could create a stop motion on. As luck would have it, our aunt Lisa had been wanting to get some yard work done that weekend. The first thought that came to mind was having a lawn mower cutting the grass all on its own! She was also wanting to get one of her apple trees trimmed, so that’s when we thought of having the tree cut itself. Once we had came up with this idea, the rest of the process ran fairly smooth. The filming of the stop motion is a process, because it involves stepping in and out of the frame moving the object in small increments at a time. We weren’t thrilled with the quality of the camera we were using either, however it was the best one we had to use besides our Gopro’s. Once the filming was done, the editing went pretty quick and was relatively easy. The music is always one of the hardest steps for me, finding out a tune that will flow good with the screen action. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the final video. Why is it called “A Dream Not Come True?” You’ll have to watch it and find out! 😉