X4 Professional Practices – Portfolio Workshop

Brian Ross MUL 101 W15


I was happy to attend the “Portfolio Workshop” hosted by the Lane Media Arts program. It took place in classroom connected to the chroma-key studio in building 17. I personally feel it was wonderfully organized and very interesting. The speakers were energetic and well prepared. The seminar itself was very informative to learn the intense importance of a proper online portfolio for future business ventures. Most of the speakers were either my current or past instructors, with the addition of a few future instructors. Meredith did an outstanding job as the main host, her emphasis on why having a very professional online portfolio was important. I immediately began refining my current online resume/portfolio based mainly off her advice that your clients do not want to be “bored” and have “little patience” when searching for the right freelancer.

Knowing that I am going into my second year in the program, this workshop and Meredith’s business practices class really sparked my effort in collecting every bit of my past work to present to potential employers, since I want to be a “jack of all trades” media arts freelancer, it’s important to refine some of my past work, and really showcase my current projects to my fullest potential. Jeff Gooslby spoke about how dire it is to enter into as many local art shows as possible since recognition really reflects great work ethic and ability. I did miss the deadline on the current student art show but I defiantly plan on entering the spring Media Arts showcase.

One speaker in particular (Jon Christopher Meyers) really intrigued me with is presentation and current work, I am excited to enroll in his class in the future and really refine my photography skills. I noticed he used Squarepace for his online portfolio, and since I use the same company for my own portfolio, I was able to really gain some great ideas on how to present my photography based off his examples. Jon’s work with the raptor center was fantastic and not only interesting to the viewers, but beautifully showcased with a well produced video and presentation. When I originally entered into the media arts program, I did not realize that not only am I decent at photography, but it’s a great skill to marker for clients who want a full re-branding or design work. My biggest take-away is that I want to refine my photography skills to the same level as my cinematography and concept development talents therefore a lot of photography and lighting classes are in my future as direct electives.

Though I did have a little bit more knowledge than some of the other attendees (since I am currently taking Meredith’s business practices class), I still gained a wealth of information on my current major and excitement in selling my skills in the media arts market.

I really did not find any shortcomings in the event other than the location appeared a bit cramped and there was a class directly behind us in session, my only recommendation would be having future events in the theater room located directly above the classroom.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take a photo of the event, but I did speak with Teresa and various instructors during the event.

I appreciate the amount of effort our instructors put into helping us succeed in this field of work and in our own personal lives.