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 Website Title: dwhite

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A lot of you may know by now that photography is one of my biggest hobbies, especially taking photos of the places I explore. Being as big of an outdoor photographer as I am, Dave White’s work has really stood out to me. Dave is a local photographer and has taken numerous pictures of well known outdoor locations around the state of Oregon. I first encountered his photos through Facebook as a recommended page that I might like. He had also shared some of his photos through the Statesman’s Journal which is the daily newspaper published in Salem. I recently discovered that Dave had his own website where his photos can be looked at and purchased. It’s a very simple website without a lot of information or resources, which I found to be a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it’s visually pleasing and the simplicity of it makes it easy enough to navigate. Clicking on the Browse option in the main menu takes you to a page where Dave has categorized his photos into different folders based on subject or location. You also have the option of doing a quick search by keyword(s). And he has a link to his Facebook page where you can see even more of his photos. Again, it’s not a very extensive site as far as information or resources go, but it accomplishes its goal as a personal photo website and could be very inspiring to anyone who enjoys this type of photography.

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