A Walk Around

I walked around the campus locating what was needed to the left is Miss. Salter’s office sign and to the right is the statue you will find at the Wellness & Health Center locating these were the last I found under them is Mary Jo’s office who said i could take a picture of the office or the sign.

SDC10020SDC10019SDC10018SDC10017SDC10016The next set of items found are the blue wall and Teresa’s office got a wonderful surprise to find her there working on what is to happen today or next week, the easiest thing i found was the Indy room which i enjoyed taking a picture of for all the movie posters on the walls really made my day to me movies are a great past time for me it allows me to enter a different reality. SDC10015SDC10014SDC10013The next location to find was simple for me since i pass it about three times a week as well as the Art-O-Mat which when i saw the first time both surprised and amused me since i thought it was for dispensing something else only after i read the content’s did i realize what it was truly for.SDC10012SDC10011SDC10008Taking a photo of the construction site here at Lane was fun for i chose to take it early in the morning when they were just beginning to proceed with working and when i found the checkout office the door was closed so I still intended to take a photo of it showing that there truly is nothing from stopping me from getting what is required, the library reference desk was by far the easiest to locate since it is right across from our classroom.SDC10007The final photos are of both the flags and the clock from the bus stops which were the first pictures I took choosing to put them last for this post for if it was the first taken it would be the last posted showing the path I took in reverse hoping to show that finding these were very fun although ISDC10006 must declare required asking the locations of which I had no knowledge of where it could be located. I hope that you found this a unique journey with me on this hunt and can’t wait till next i post.SDC10005

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