P6 Final Project

By Laura Hale

I really wanted to capture the aspect of storytelling with this project, which was actually much harder with the narration than I thought it would be. I had to cut out a lot of sentences and adjust timing  and cut even further down to make the three minutes. I also had to make sure I had to keep enough information inside the story to keep its beginning middle and end as clear as I could. If I had to redo this entire project I would use a different program to record my drawings and make them more detailed. Again, it comes down to the program and what it allows you to do and what you can figure out for its abilities. Audio levels were also very important, both in timing and how loud they were coming in for, they couldn’t overwhelm the narration for the most part nor each other. Image quality wasn’t too much of an issue with this project as all of the image were digital or at least digitized through filters. Lessons learned, know certain programs a bit better and keep up to date with them.