X4 Gennedy Tartakovsky

The event I saw was online actually! I watched an interview with famous animator Gennedy Tartakovsky as well as a sneek peek at the next movie he is currently working on.

The interview talked about him about working at Sony animation pictures, but he actually worked at cartoon network studios before moving his occupation. He produced beloved cartoons such as Dexter’s laboratory, Samurai Jack, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and my all time favorite cartoon Sym-Bionic Titan.

Before Gennedy became who he is today, he trained under Gordan Sheen, a 90 year old animator who worked on the original Popeye cartoon, wow! It was then that he fell in love with the art form. He feels it was destiny that brought him to work at sony pictures to create the newest adaptation of Popeye. The main thing he loves about animation however is the aspect of movement and physical humor. Much like Popeye, his works in Hotel Transylvania really show how much he cares about making his characters pop with slapstick movements and situations. Watching both the animation test for Popeye and Hotel Transylvania reveals a whole new world to he viewer. Those highly exaggerated movements and animations are present In cartoons almost 60 years after the original Popeye. It’s incredible that he’s carrying on the legacy of animaton after all these years.

Although I’ve never met Gennedy, I would love to either work with him or at least meet him someday.

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