P4 fun w/ audio

I have always found folktales and myths to be kinda universal but with their own regional twists. Werewolves have been seen in almost every light now. From terrifying beasts from hell to tween heartthrobs. I always associated with the Faoladh of Irish mythos because that is how I have lived my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been frightening to strangers even when in the midst of an act of kindness. Not to mention the ever present issue of deciding between the primal nature of the wolves and your own humanity. I have always enjoyed Halloween because it is a chance to see different takes on myths and legends and maybe catch a glimpse of a real one. Just one of the many things that I think of when I take my moonlit walks. Happy Halloween to all the indigenius people out there.


Thanks to Reinder88 for the pic and Nox Arcana for the awesome Halloween music.

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