So i’m trying this new thing…

I heard about this blogging thing, and I thought I’d give it a try.


DISCLAIMER: I’m not that great of a writer, and I’m not trying to do anything here but post my thoughts. If you even happen to read this and comment, please be nice. :]


So my sister Rachel started a blog on wordpress. It seemed pretty cool, and she started one when she opened a new chapter in her life. However, I am not doing that. I used to keep a journal, and tried to write in it every day but I’d forget or be lazy. I feel like on here I type a lot faster than I write…so maybe it’ll help. I like to vent, and it’ll help me to maybe feel better? I don’t know. I am going through a pivotal moment in my life which is where I have to make a lot of adult decisions and it’s quite overwhelming. 


I just want to understand myself, and by looking at who I’ve been and who I’m becoming…that might help me figure it out.




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