P5-Mason Perkins

I had fun making P5, I wanna do more with it but that’s for later. I’d like to, expanding on the theme of five, make 4 more images, one without the giant, one with it forming, the one that’s made, one with the city mid explosion after the star is taken, and the city destroyed. Then I could edit them together in sequence and the video could be longer and not rely so heavily on premiere editing for visual storytelling. With that being said I like what I came up with my limitations withstanding. I researched and found out Danse Mascarabe Is copyright free in the US, It’s one of my favorite orchestral performances and I’m glad I could use it. It was fun getting out of my comfort zone for this project because I don’t paint things in color often, I need to practice that more, but doing it for this I can see I have a ways to go for color painting, with more time it would be more refined but more paintings in general will help me find a comfortability with playing with color and light in paintings.


The painting is composed of five colors, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. The painting is of a constellation giant coming to loom over a golden city in a dark desert and taking a star from the sky, leading to the city to be destroyed. Stars are five pointed shapes in their generic symbol form but I chose to not draw any five pointed stars so that choice wouldn’t be so obvious.

P5 – Image Edit

What does the word five mean to me? well for me it’s not more than a number but the first thought that came to my mind was, how often do we see the number five within our everyday life? so I decided to go out with my old film camera and shoot some 500 speed film on 5th avenue photographing all the fives I could find. Overall this was a super fun project for me. Often times when I am shooting photography especially film I have a tendency to overanalyze what I’m shooting, trying to get the perfect shot as not to waste my 36 exposures. However, this project forced me to step back a little while also staying within a set theme. Which caused me to relax and not focus so hard on all my photos being perfect. Instead I was just able to just have fun walking around shooting the number five…

P5 Image Editing

By Jacob Bates

Going into my girlfriend’s 21st birthday party, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out my new vintage video camera. I wanted to try my hand at composing in 4:3, as well as working with a larger camera, and candid video was a whole new ballpark for me. The batteries for this camera didn’t work, so every shot taken was while it was plugged into a wall outlet, slightly limiting how I could take video. I really do enjoy what I made though, I recorded 45 minutes of footage over the night, capturing a lot of really wonderful moments. It was a great exercise to get reacquainted with Premiere Pro as well, I haven’t used it in almost a year. I edited that 45 minute video into just nine minutes of footage, which was a real test of picking out just the best moments. I then had to cut that down to just two minutes for this assignment, which I think is a good trailer for all the footage.

I also had a problem with my video recorder I used to digitize the footage, leaving me with unusable audio. I decided to scrap it completely in favor of music, which gave it a really cool, nostalgic look that fit very well. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I hope that I can continue making videos like this for myself and potentially for other people.

P5 assignment

by: Allisa Olsen

Pets, most of us have at least one, I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a hamster but someone didn’t make the cut due to the assignment being in numbers of 5. Don’t worry the older dog will be shown in a later assignment. For this assignment, I picked the pets with the most prominent personalities to rate them on a scale of 1-10. For example, my cat Mushu is beautiful and intelligent but he’s so smart he gets bored fast and creates chaos. Balancing out the pros and cons of my pets will determine an accurate rating. My mother would also agree with the ratings too, as most of the things that are destroyed by the pets are her belongings, unfortunately. In the video, I have presented as I said before the pets with the most personalities.

The video includes Jett the purebred black lab, yes I said purebred because no one believes it, because of his size but he is just a gentle giant. The 2nd animal featured will be the animal I used in the example above, Mushu he doesn’t need an introduction he’s just chaotic. The 3rd animal would be the lovely Sulley, there’s nothing past those blue eyes, no thought process at all. And the 4th animal is another cat, Miso which is the first cat we adopted. If you want to know the 5th animal you are going to have to watch the video he’s the best pet in the house.

P4 Audio

By: Kaysha Cockrell

For this project, I chose to make an audiobook of Aesop’s “The Fox and the Grapes.” my main goal was to practice more with audacity in general as I am familiar with the software. I usually use it for voice acting, but this time was when I really dipped my feet into the water, as I had to learn more; how to move the audio around the timeline, learn the difference between mono and stereo tracks, and import sound effects in their own tracks.

This audiobook also includes practice in Foley; a way to make sound effects for certain things without actually recording it. One example of this I like is in the comedy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail when they used coconuts to make the sound of a horse galloping, even though it’s actually shown as the setup of a joke. For my recording, I hit the sleeves of my sweater together to try and make the muffled footsteps of the fox.

P4 Audio


For this project I was trying to create a fun spin on one of the example options given in the instructions. I was trying to convey someone getting to their car, turning the key and starting the engine, then flipping through radio stations. I wanted to emanate the feel of absurd dated 20th century product ads by making an even more blasphemous ad then those that exist. I also wanted to poke fun at some of the obscure celebrity musical artist names people come up with nowadays. I felt like I needed to add a modern and/or hip element to the project so that’s the context of the ending. I think it works well comedically. I wrote a loose script and then let the talent improvise some of the dialogue. For the sound effects I mentally went through the scenario of starting a car and clicking through radio stations, then made a list of all the sounds I would need to provide a smoother workflow and more effective workflow later on.  I’m thankful to have had cooperative talent for this project because my voice most likely wouldn’t have suited my creative choices as well. I feel the talent’s voice sounded realistic in terms of how a real radio host might sound.

P4 Audio: Accident

Back in December 2021, I got hit by a car crossing the street in Downtown Eugene. I was all dressed up walking to my new friends apartment because we had a work formal that we were going to all go together. I was one street away when I was crossing the street and a car turning didn’t see me and hit me with their car. It is crazy to me because I was so excited to go to this formal and to think I wouldn’t go because I was in an accident is insane. I am fortunate enough to have survived but it was a bummer not being able to go. I told all my coworkers that I had a family emergency and that’s why I couldn’t make it that night. It wasn’t until the day after that I had to tell them because I needed my shifts covered(haha). Anyway, I just wanted to recreate my thought process and how it happened to help process things. I still have not gotten over what happened and it still affects me to this day, but I feel like I understand now more than ever that it has in fact affected me and why.