Road Trip Nation

Atiba Jefferson has been an idol of mine for sometime now. Growing up being interested in skateboarding his name would pop up everywhere. He is one of the biggest photographers in the skateboard world. Big skateboard publications and professional skaters are constantly wanting to have Atiba photograph for them. He also has some big clients such as Nike, ESPN, and Cannon. You will see him in almost every skateboard/photography magazine. He has also been added to some video games. That has to be such a huge accomplishment, being a photographer added to a game that is about sakteing. 

The first time Atiba picked up a camera was 15 years old. Atiba broke it within under a year. And took a few years before picking up another one. The next time was senior year in high school. At the time he was working at a skateshop. Skateboarding and shooting photography was his passion and wanted to pursue both. He decided to move to California to do just that. Atiba sent some of his work to transworld, one of the biggest skate magazines in the world. He began to make a relationship with one of the photo editors there and was given the opportunity to work as his assistant. Shortly after Atiba connected with the photographer for the L.A. Lakers basketball team. He was taken under his wing and He was taught more about skill and industry. Atiba developed his own style and made every photo he took his own by adding his own techniques. The steps he has taken has made him successful in the passions he pursued and he is now doing what he loves.

P5 Image Editing-A Day in an Unfortunate Fella

When I thought if the idea of what to base my film off, I had thought of the idea of when I was stuck in the basement where I lived and had been there for almost a full day until, someone came down stairs to open the door for me. However, in this, “A Day in the Life of an Unfortunate Fella”, I thought about hey, what if it was an unlucky dude, who happens to be foolish as well. In this instance instead of pulling on the door, he pulls in. I managed to put in a minor montage within the video to show how one passes time. There was more that went into the video, however in order for it to fit the time limit I managed to cut some footage for the sake of it. I also hope I manged to make it a bit comical at some points. Hope ya’ll like it!

Image Editing

For this assignment I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to film and edit. It took me a while, but I finally decided to do it on all of the pets that I have in my house. With that decided, I went around and recorded short clips of all of them and put them together into one video using Adobe After Effects. I have experimented with video editing before but definitely learned some helpful things from this, including being able to fade in and out of video and audio.

By Braden Ivey

A Walk With Nature

I chose to record my walk I do in the morning around my apartment complex. Even though I walk around my complex literally everyday, I was so surprised at all the different species of plants everywhere. I knew where some of my favorite plants, but I found some new plants that fascinated me. Editing was pretty easy for me because when I was younger I use to make a lot of videos, and I would spend hours editing and watch YouTube to figure out how to use everything. Since this was a different kind of video and it was pretty short I didn’t take a long time editing it. One thing I liked was the background music and sounds I put in. It relaxed me so much.

By Savina Fetch

The Big Toe

I chose this story because I have always been a horror fan ever since I was little. I remember being in the library in second grade renting out all of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” book one through three although grade school. I would read them over and over again, or even make my mom read them to me before I went to bed. Still to this day I don’t know why I was such a big fan of these books, but I am a big horror fan still. If you are thinking how can a little girl read these books without being scared, you are wrong. To this day I think I’ve put childhood fears in the back of my head from these stories. But, to me they were just entertainment stories. In this project I wanted to have fun, and make kinda of like a horror story myself. So, while I was thinking which story I would do out of these books I wanted to do one where I could use scary background sound effects to create even more suspense in the story. I wanted to bring the stories to life and make them even more scary.

I am a big imaginative person, so when it came to actually recording I did get frustrated a lot because it wasn’t turning out to what I wanted. But, after multiple attempts I finally got to something I’ll accept because in the end it actually was a lot of fun. I hope it’s fun for you guys to listen to as well. And hopefully it creates your own journey into the scary story world.

By Savina Fetch

A Day In a Life With Logan

I have mixed emotions about this project. I think that it was very difficult yet fun. I did it with premiere because I really wanted to challenge myself. Let me tell you, it was a challenge. I really had to explore the platform before understanding what I was doing. There was a lot of errors that I had to fix. Between the cuts and the editing made it hard. I added in text and other transitions. I am overall happy with my work and my final project. I am looking forward to using this platform later on. I am glad I got to experience using new platforms to create a video.

By: Logan Moscatelli

P-5 Image Editing

The Best Burger Road Trip by Rocio Roberts-Goodban

Over the past few weeks, my boyfriend has been feeling pretty homesick. We both have had busy schedules full of work and school that can make it hard to spend some quality time together. My boyfriend is from California, and he always talks about his memories of going to In-N-Out with his friends and family when he was a kid. He had no idea that Oregon had any In-N-Out restaurants, let alone one that is an hour away from us. After work I surprised him by taking us on a road trip with a secret destination. He was in disbelief as we rolled into the parking lot. After we got our food and we were on our way home he said it was, “the best burger road trip ever!”