Image Editing: Jabre Reyes

It was actually not too hard to put all of this together for me. I’ve done some video editing before- honestly the hardest part was finding the music, and learning Premiere enough to do what I wanted to. I was going on a trip the weekend this project was assigned, and I thought it’d be neat to summarize the experience in a fun short video. Had lots of fun filming everything, but wish I filmed just a bit more of my little adventures on the beaches we stopped by.

P5 Image Editing – Midnight-Rob S

Another piece of evidence that I really do my best work at night. This was more of a struggle figuring out what I was going to record than actually recording it. However, recording at night did have its own issues. Trying to operate lighting by myself in the middle of the night was proved to be difficult and due to low light, video quality took a bit of a hit. And having took so long to figure out what the plan was also shortened editing time. However, I am proud of how it turned out.

P5- Imagen Editing

It was my first time using Premiere, so it was complicated at the beginning. I invited my son (again) to participate in this video. He loves going to the park so much, and I thought it could be a good idea to record the video there. It was my first time using Premiere. It was a little bit complicated at the beginning, but after a few unsuccessful attempts and practice for a while I could finish my video. I know it is not the best video, but for being my first time, I feel very satisfied. After all, I had a lot of fun creating this project. I want to keep doing better with Premiere.

by Maria Pedraza

P5 Cooking

Creating a video in Premiere was a very hard process. I have never dabbled in video editing software like Premiere before, so it was all a new experience. Trying to get the audio to synchronize well with the music and visual effects was a fun challenge, but I feel I could’ve edited the cuts better. Some cuts are to long while other cuts are shorter than I would’ve liked. Overall, I enjoyed Premiere though it was much harder for me to use than imagined haha. Thanks for taking the time to watch my project!!

By: Logan Habib

P5-Image Editing-Bebe

Using Adobe Premiere to edit my video wasn’t easy for me, because I am pretty new with this software. I was very struggling with what kinda topic I should do at the beginning, but I decided to make it simple. By recording my daily life to share with everyone what I usually do. And finding music to match with my video wasn’t easy either. I listened to a lot of different music. I want to let my audience feel relax by watching my video. In the end the part where I posted my work to youtube, it took me a while to figure it out how to upload. This assignment let me learn that if you actually do all those videos or anything yet, you really need to brainstorm and make a plan, when you have the plan you would really easily keep going on with your work.


P4 Audio

By : Hannah Freudenthaler

I’m not really a fan of horror, but I was told that I should give it a try. I went through a few different stories before landing on this one, mostly because it fit in the time limit. I wanted a story that had room for sound effects but also had an engaging story that I would like to read. I am with the majority of people, I’m guessing, who really don’t like the sound of their voice so this project did have its challenges. I would repeat sentences multiple times before trying to record so I had less of a reason to go back and listen to myself when it was just my voice. I didn’t struggle too much with incorporating sounds into the recording, it was just finding the right ones that was very frustrating. Finding the right sounding footsteps was almost a whole day’s search in itself, I had a bit of luck when my old house made a creaking sound when I was recording and decided to save it just in case and I was really happy I did even though I know what it is it makes some good Foley. Overall this project was not as hard as I thought it would be, and was actually quite enjoyable.

P4 Audio – Rob S.

My goal for this assignment was to create an interview with one of my bandmates with Nevermix. I wanted to create feeling of a professional interviewer talking about someone’s experience as a musician and what their goals are as member of a newer band writing our own songs. Being part of a new band itself is an exciting experience. And I wanted to get to know one of my bandmates a little better. Really though, it’s an excuse to share the band and its members for people to become more familiar with. Because we will get out there and show the world

It was relatively simple with my experience with recording and editing audio. The difficult part was using an editing platform I’m not overly familiar with already. Helps me broaden my skills and experiences by working with new programs and new effects, as well as a new form of audio entertainment I’ve never experienced before. Working with something as simple as sitting down with one other person made me realize I don’t need to have my voice present for the initial interview since I can record my voice asking the questions at a later time, making both voices as clear as possible.

P4 Audio – Frankie and His Fly Friend

With this story I was hoping to bring some laughs with a weird story about these frogs and toads and creatures you would imagine that lurk around in dirty swamps. I was hoping to grasp the idea of the atmosphere with the background “music” being sounds of crickets chirping in the night and introducing you to this sort of personified world that these creatures live in, with the breaking news sound effect in the beginning you can tell these critters clearly live in some sort of civilized society, giving context clues about the type of universe we’re possibly residing in. I was hoping to make a short comedy. It ended up being a minute too long so I had to shorten it a bit and add what I think would be considered a classic (to the generation of memes) “to be continued” song that is often used in a lot of memes. I went to youtube for my sound effects of the frogs ribbiting, and I tried messing with lowing the voice. I am very new when working with audio and sounds, still learning of course so it’s not perfect but I put my spirit into it. I hope you get some laughs out of this, whether or not you end up laughing with me or at me.

By Remedy Brady