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Support and Hot Spots Around LCC Campus


This is Teresa Hughes’ office, located on the bottom floor of the Media Arts Building (Bldg. 17).


This is called a “Blue Cyc Wall” and is used in different forms of media production.  This resource is available to students on the bottom floor of the Media Arts building (Bldg. 17) in the studio.


Students can check out the latest and greatest video and audio technology at the Equipment Checkout counter (Also located in Bldg. 17, bottom floor).


There is an Art Gallery on our campus, featuring local student works, located on the ground floor of Building 11.


This little guy is located near the main entrance to the Art Gallery mentioned above (Bldg. 11) and dispenses miniature works of art at an “oh so affordable” price.


The Library has temporarily relocated to the top floor of Building 18 due to the construction going on at the Center Building.  Please visit the Reference Desk if you need help from our Library’s friendly, knowledgeable staff.


There are many interesting and unique pieces of art scattered throughout our Campus, such as this one, located in front of the Health and Wellness building (Bldg. 30).


The Arts Division Office Specialist’s name is Mary Jo Kriendel, and her office is located in Building 11, right next to the Art-O-Mat show above.


No car?  No worries!  LTD has an excellent public transit system and has placed one of their main stations directly on campus, located in the West Parking Lot.  Please visit their website for bus schedules.


Are you currently enrolled in a Media Arts Program here at Lane or want to learn more about the program?  Christina Salter is our advisor for the Media Arts Program and can answer any questions you may have.  More info at


Another excellent resource for Media Arts students is “The Commons” on the 2nd floor of Building 17.  There is also a Indy lab here at your disposal.


Thinking about registering for school?  This is a good place to start.  The Student’s First building is where you can get assistance with registration, applying for FAFSA, academic advising, and financial aid.  There is also a “Snack Shack” located on the second floor.  Yum!


WARNING!  Be advised that there is construction currently underway on campus, mostly focused on the Center building.  Pathways are frequently being detoured or blocked off entirely so plan ahead, know your routes, and avoid being tardy for class.  You wouldn’t want to get stuck like this little guy (shown above).