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Life in Oregon

I have been living for fourteen years in an evergreen state. Decisions, life and fate brought me to Oregon from Bolivia. It is very difficult to get enchanted by the green when gray clouds cover the sun almost two thirds of the annual calendar, that was my thought the first year I lived here.  But the time has taught me well. Today it is very easy for me to see the changing seasons with such clarity, yellow flowers in Spring, a dip in the river in Summer, Autumn with colorful leaves and the cold wet Winter. Oregon is a beautiful state, cozy and full of life. I don’t ever want to move away from here.

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2008, but I was always interested in photography and motion pictures. The need to explore this art beyond simple desire, made me decide to opt for the career of “ Multimedia Design” and here I am in my second week of classes.

Franco Rengifo