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Project 5

Five Dogs – By Forrest Emery

After my audio project, I was a bit “creatived out,” if you will. I spent so much of my time developing a story for that project that by the time I got to this one, I didn’t want to do that again so soon. Instead, I wanted to come up with an idea that would let me focus on blending images, video, music, and my voice. I had all kinds of ideas on what to do, but I couldn’t settle on any of them because they didn’t use the number five. So, I started thinking of things that had to do with five in my life. I thought of my favorite bands, my favorite moments, and all kinds of other random things, but none of them lent themselves very well to this assignment. I was talking to my mom one evening while she was looking through some old photos of our family, and, you guessed it, our dogs. That’s when it hit me. I have grown up with a total of five dogs. It was perfect. I asked her if I could use some of the photos, gathered everything I needed, and went to work. I had a lot of fun comparing my dogs because as I was looking back on all of them, I realized how different they were, and how special that made each of them to me. Below you’ll find my finished project. Have fun getting to know five of my best friends!