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Set of 5 – Image Editing from Alexander Koester on Vimeo.

I decided to do my photo editing project on five shades of trees. I walked around my friend’s neighborhood and the neighborhood next to her’s to get the images. I decided I would take photos of green, yellow, orange, and red leaves. For my fifth shade I took photos of brown, finding trees that most of the leaves have fallen off. I gathered five to eight shots of each shade. All the photos were shot in RAW and I edited them in Lightroom. I created the video in Premiere Pro. I found the music on a royalty free site called

All and all I had a good time doing this project. I love having an excuse to use my camera and I enjoy using Premiere pro. I did not have much trouble doing this assignment. The hardest part was editing the photos in Lightroom. When I uploaded them on my computer I noticed some where out of focus do to aperture being off. I fixed the quality of photos the best I could in Lightroom before exporting. Putting the video together in Premiere pro was pretty simple after I figured out the duration I wanted of each photo. Then added the transitions, captions, and music. Wham Oh!

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