Archives Deployed

It took a bit longer than expected, but today we deployed our largest remaining chunk, with some 197 pages in it:

Also impressive? Internally, we’re down to just 17 404 errors on the entire site. Just 4 chunks, and 259 pages, left to go!

Curriculum & Scheduling and Facilities Deployed

Two chunks deployed today:

This upcoming weekend we’re tentatively planning to try switching www and www2, which is one of the final steps in our migration process. There will be no further deployments ntil then. Also, this will require a short outage Friday night while we rewrite a bunch of URLs and do some DNS changes. Expect the outage during the myLane maintenance window, some time between 6pm and 11pm. We’ll try to tweet more details later in the week.

7 departments and less than 500 pages to go!

Arts & Center

Two sites deployed today:

With those done, we’ve completed 91% of departments and 85% of all pages, and we have a new student worker hammering away on the remaining pages. He’s spent the entire day just working on Marketing and Public Relations pages – our biggest remaining chunk, with around 400 pages. Only 12 departments left to migrate!

Today’s deployment also marks another milestone for us: our first time having less than 200 404 (page not found) errors. That’s down from over 1000 a few months ago. Not bad, for over 10,700 pages of content checked.

Also, an important announcement:

Only 4 days until we go live!

Blog posts have been rather sporadic the last month or two while I’ve been hammering out the new theme. There’s no pictures to show yet, but after we launch (Sunday!), we’ll continue to refine and perfect our theme to improve support for all devices from IE8 on up. So expect news in the future about some of the details of our theme and some of its awesome features.

Governance Deployed

Deployed today:

16 Departments left to go!

Wait, what? Isn’t that what it was last time? Yes! But only because one of the departments that was waiting to see what our new site was going to look like decided that they liked the new look. So we migrated one department, but we added another one to do. So I’m still calling this one a win.