First Deployments of June

Three more sites are now live in Drupal:

Some of the other, more exciting (for us, anyway!) things we’ve been doing this week include implementing a 700% performance improvement in our Migration Tracker and cutting 20,000 lines of old, unused Drupal Module Code out (this doesn’t directly impact speed, except in some special situations, but it still feels good!).

Deployments this week

Three more sites are up in Drupal this week, including some that were never on the web before:

There’s also been a good deal of progress toward improving our backend setup, including fixing our version control server, more tuning and testing of our two reverse proxy servers, and quite a bit of work in fixing our forms handling. Expect to see bigger chunks in Drupal next week!

Progress Report

So, it’s been two weeks since my last post. What have we been up to?

First, we set up a new Google Mini, which gives us access to updated software that’s years newer than what we were using for search. We’ve also changed what pages we’re searching. Instead of only searching the Lane Website, we’re now including some of our other websites, including Titan Athletics and the LCC Knowledge Network.

Tuning a search server is pretty tricky, and since ours is indexing over 50,000 webpages, any adjustments we make take some time to see – sometimes hours. But we’re watching the logs, and trying to make it easier to find the things that you search for most.

We’ve also deployed a few more of our websites to Drupal. Here’s a list of all the “chunks” of the site that are now hosted on Drupal:

There’s a ton more “chunks” to do, but we’re making progress. As always, please let us know if you spot something not working! If you’re responsible for your department website, check out the ATC Training Schedule to to find a workshop so you can get trained.