Fall Session Feedback

Welcome to Winter term! This post is a little late because the fall flew by, and posting it during break felt like a good way to make sure it would be lost in the virtual cloud.

We received valuable and informative feedback after our first visit from the LBCC team in the fall. It’s been collected in a spreadsheet that’s viewable online.

Evaluation is an important part of our ongoing project, and we appreciate hearing from you. If you’ve attended an event (or if you haven’t been able to), please let us know what you’ve thought. We’re looking forward to a new term of new opportunities to engage in Guided Pathways work!

Program Mapping and LBCC presentation

Ann Buchele, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Education at Linn-Benton Community College, hosted an open session to provide an overview of how program mapping unfolded at Linn-Benton.

View the Biology map at LBCC.