TIPSS #35: Lane Degrees Take Less Time to Complete

Hello again everyone! This TIPSS was delayed slightly by, well, everything that’s happened in the past month or so. Luckily, the news it’s delivering is that students have been experiencing fewer delays in graduation over the past few years. Please review the TIPSS here to find out more!

PDF version of TIPSS

While Guided Pathways meetings are on a pause during spring term as the college moves swiftly to respond to the pandemic, our thinking and work will continue. We hope you can review this TIPSS when you have a moment, and please let us know your comments or questions below.

3 thoughts on “TIPSS #35: Lane Degrees Take Less Time to Complete

  1. Molloy Wilson says:

    I want to point out that we were too loose with our language here when classifying the AGS degree as a “transfer” degree. The AGS is not really designed for students intending to transfer to a 4-year program, and we should have been more cautious in describing the set of degrees we analyzed. We could have omitted AGS from the analysis, but it would have changed the results very little to do so (we checked).
    For a lot of reporting and analysis purposes the college has historically divided LCC awards into two broad classifications for CTE and “transfer.” The AGS doesn’t really fit in either group, but rather than create a third category for the AGS alone we sometimes include it in the transfer group. When we do so, we usually include a footnote to explain that it is not technically designed for transfer. But we overlooking that step here.
    It is important that students do not think of the AGS as a transfer degree. Students can be referred the college catalog for a clear description of the transfer limitations of this degree. As it says in that description, students should be “strongly encouraged to work with an academic advisor or counselor to match career goals with an appropriate program, and to select appropriate courses for a major at an intended transfer institution.”

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