Current Teams & Participants

As of Fall 2020, during the pandemic, some teams have been paused; current team lists are being worked on during the 2020-21 academic year.

These are the currently running Guided Pathways teams, which have formed in three phases. (One team, the Cross-Content Collaboration team, is not listed here, as it is on hiatus/merged into another group during fall 2019). Information on the team’s assigned work and recruitment procedures were sent out to all Lane employees in January and May for Phase I and Phase II; Phase III Recruitment began in November 2019. Information for all team recruitment can be found below.

Team membership as listed here is current as of February 2020, though some teams (particularly new teams) still have shifting or temporary members.

If you’re interested in joining a team, just let us know!

Phase 1 Teams (Recruitment: January-February 2019)

Opportunities for Involvement Document: Phase 1 (includes team descriptions)

Coordinating Committee

(Meets every week and a half during primary terms)

Co-chairs: Jennifer Frei, Mindie Dieu, Jenn Kepka, Mike Sims


  • Christine Andrews
  • Lori Areford
  • Josh Baker
  • Faculty Council Appointee (vacant, summer 2019)
  • Tammi Garlock
  • Anna Gates-Tapia
  • Andi Graham
  • Cybele Higgins
  • Beth Landy
  • Sarah Nemecek
  • Russ Pierson
  • Jane Reeder
  • Chris Rehn
  • Casey Reid
  • Gina Szabady
  • Cathy Thomas

Data Team

Chair & Project Manager: Gina Szabady


  • Josh Baker
  • Tricia Bowlby
  • Katy Fuller
  • Pat Griffin
  • Ben Hill
  • Todd Matson
  • Cathy Thomas

Internal Communication and Engagement Team (iComm)

Project Manager: Jane Reeder
Co-chairs: Mira Mason-Reeder and Marsha Sills

  • Ian Coronado
  • Alex Curtis
  • Jay Frasier
  • Mira Mason-Reader
  • Andy McNamara
  • Anna Scott
  • Marsha Sills
  • Nichole Wamsley
  • Nancy Wood

Student Engagement and Communication Team

Project Manager &  Chair: Casey Reid

  • Tatiana Bakhtina
  • Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe
  • David Doctor
  • Tia Gomez Zeller
  • Glenda Izumi
  • Laura Pelletier
  • Tammy Walters

Phase II Teams (Recruitment: May 2019)

Opportunities for Involvement Phase II Document (includes initial team descriptions)

These teams were formed in late Spring 2019 and will have one meeting each before the end of the term. Team work will happen beginning Fall 2019.

Program Mapping Process Team

Project Manager: Christine Andrews
Chair: TBD by team

  • Lori Areford
  • Nikki Gavin
  • Judy Gates
  • Laura Lawver
  • Rosa Lopez
  • Luis Maggiori
  • Claudia Owen
  • Tammy Salman
  • Bonnie Simoa
  • Kevin Steeves
  • Zane Stevens
  • Kate Sullivan
  • Matt Svoboda
  • Dawn Whiting

On-Ramp Team

Project Managers: Anna Gates-Tapia and Russ Pierson
Chair: Sam Gibeau and Jillian Schmidt

  • Indira Bakshi
  • Tammy Burbee
  • Jennifer Falzerano
  • Katy Fuller
  • Sam Gibeau
  • Laura Greene
  • Marcia Koenig
  • Rosa Lopez
  • Aliscia Niles
  • Julie Pfaff
  • Jillian Schmidt
  • Kate Sullivan
  • Brenda Williams

Phase III: Fall 2019

Two teams formed in Fall 2019/Winter 2020. Team information is available in this recruitment explainer document.

First Year Experience

Project Manager: Sarah Nemecek
Chair: TBD by team

  • Alexis Kielb
  • Claire Dannenbaum
  • Glenda Izumi
  • Hali Burley
  • Helen Faith
  • Jill Siegfried
  • Josh Baker
  • Josh Manders
  • Michael Woods
  • Nikki Gavin
  • Patrick Blaine
  • Tracey Henninger
  • Victoria Webb

Career Communities Integration Team

Project Manager: Beth Landy
Chair: TBD by team

  • Allene Gibson
  • Beth Landy
  • Carla Arciniega
  • Cheryl Shaw
  • Cybele Higgins
  • Denise Couch
  • Ellen Osterkamp
  • Robert Killen
  • Shelise Zumwalt
  • Tricia Singleton