Guided Pathways Graduating Student Profile – Matt Wakefield

Meet Matt.  This is Matt’s third and last year at Lane and he is graduating with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming.  A non-traditional student, he’s spent a good part of his life making art and playing music and found his calling in game development.   He’s completed two internships with companies that produce CGI art.  

In his time at Lane, he’s been the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter President and a tutor.  Both of these opportunities allowed him to connect with students whom he wouldn’t have otherwise.  Tutoring allowed him tohelp other students and he enjoyed the emotions students expressed when they figured out a problem or learned how to do something.  This year Matt attended the Phi Theta Kappa Catalyst Conference in Denver.  He felt this was a good way to end his career at Lane by representing Lane Community College and the PTK Chapter.  

Matt hopes to find a job somewhere in Oregon so he can stay close to his family.  In his time at Lane, he’s received guidance from more people than he could name.  He especially credited the College Success course and faculty for helping him create a solid foundation for his studies.  

Remember that Commencement is Saturday, June 11th. Please come and support Matt and our other graduating students!

TIPSS #45 – Transfer Rates

The Guided Pathways Core Team is pleased to present TIPSS #45, which illustrates transfer rates for Lane students.  The items presented include 10 year transfer rates, transfer and graduation data, as well as the the relationship between transfer rates and early momentum metrics (EMMs).

Speaking of EMMs, also be sure to look at the Guided Pathways Dashboards, which presents Lane’s early momentum metrics.  The dashboards are available to all staff at Lane.  To view the dashboards please visit and open the “Guided Pathways Metrics” tab to find the links to the dashboards.

Spring Conference Guided Pathways Dashboards and Early Momentum Metrics Presentation

The Guided Pathways teams are presenting several sessions for Spring Conference this year.  Check back after the conference for a summary of each session, resources, and hopefully recordings of each session.

Click the link below to access the presentation for today’s 2:30-3:30 Spring Conference Presentation, Early Momentum Metrics at Lane – Guided Pathways Data Dashboards Tour and Discussion.  (This is a Google Slides link. You will have to copy and past this link into your browser.)

2022-05-06 GP Overview EMMs & Dashboards Spring Conference workshop.  (This is a Power Point link.  This link will download a Power Point file to your computer and Power Point will open.)




Guided Pathways Classified Staff Student Highlight: Katherine Kaylegian – Student Success Coach

Meet Katherine Kaylegian. She prefers to go by Kat.  Kat has a BS in physics with a minor in math, and is working toward a master’s degree in physics with a focus in optics. She worked as a research assistant in computational neuroscience and high energy physics for 6 years, and in that time published two papers, and is presenting ATLAS research for the American Physical Society this April.

While working as a research assistant she took a position as a tutor in the math department at LCC but was asked to take on an academic coaching role not long after she began. It is a position that excites her because it gives her a chance to provide holistic support to struggling math students. She was a nontraditional undergrad, and when she struggled with life events, she had no place to go and no one to talk to. As a result, she learned a lot about advocating for herself and a lot about working through her math and test anxiety- skills that she passes on to her students.

As an academic coach she is the point person when a student struggles. She likes to be a safe place for them to go to talk about juggling life and school, and she get to make sure that students don’t fall through the cracks. Her newest venture at LCC is as part of the GP Math and Writing Group. This work allows her to address one of the most common barriers to math success that she sees: improper math placement. She works with many stressed students who are improperly placed, and is grateful for the opportunity to participate in a program that allows her to actively work to make a change that will help our students succeed.

TIPPS #44: Student Feedback from Lane’s First Year Experience

The Guided Pathways Core Team is pleased to present TIPSS #44, which illustrates responses from a survey completed by students enrolled in Lane’s First Year Experience Course. Previously, TIPSS #43 showed that students enrolling in First Year Experience have better first-year outcomes than other new students. Both #43 and #44 are posted together so you can examine both of them.

TIPSS44 First Year Experience Student Survey TIPSS43 First Year Experience Student Success Metrics


TIPSS #43 – Oregon Promise and Lane’s First Year Experience

The Guided Pathways Core Team is pleased to present TIPSS #43, which illustrates student outcomes for those who participate in Oregon Promise and/or Lane’s First Year Experience course.  The examination of the success data shows students who participate in either one or both of these programs have higher success rates than those students who do not. 

 Also be sure to look at the Guided Pathways Dashboards, which presents Lane’s early momentum metrics.  The dashboards are available to all staff at Lane.  To view the dashboards please visit and open the “Guided Pathways Metrics” tab to find the links to the dashboards.


Guided Pathways Faculty Profile: Kate Sullivan

Kate joined Lane’s English (now writing) department in Fall 2000. Growing up in a working-class home, she witnessed the power and opportunity of education when her mother attended college and obtained a college degree while Kate was in grade school. One of her mother’s first positions was as the job counselor at the local jail, where she focused her efforts not only on work placement for offenders but also on helping them earn their GEDs.
After coming to Lane, Kate had the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues in a variety of capacities:  as a member of the composition committee, as a chair of the assessment team, as part of SAGA (Success and Goal Attainment Committee), and now as chair of the academic program review oversight committee (APROC)–all employee groups focused on examining data and building better systems to support students and help them be successful. Informed by this work, she was one of the first people at Lane to explore and suggest  Guided Pathways as a mechanism to create beneficial systems for students to explore and plan their journey, receive support during that journey, and create the life they want to live after the completion of their education. In lieu of a recent photo, Kate shared her favorite book on teaching, pictured left.

Guided Pathways Student Profile: Francesca Critelli

Francecsca is receiving her AAOT in June and will be transferring to the University of Oregon to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Her goal is to go to Law School or work toward a Master’s degree.  After being unable to finish high school due to medical issues, she had to relearn basic life skills, such as walking.  Her family helped her find her way to Lane Community College, where she was able to complete her high school education through the GED and ABSE program, where the faculty and staff “believed in my success before I did.”  

She credits her success at LCC to a compassionate staff and faculty and intense support network provided to students so that they can succeed.  Francesca works as a tutor at Lane helping students in the same way student tutors helped her when she worked toward her GED. 

 “Having another student who could relate on my level was incredible.  I mostly wanted to give that back to the Lane community.”   Whatever she does she wants to help others.  “If you have access to education you should use it to build a longer table and not a taller fence,” says Francesca.  Let’s all celebrate Francesca’s success!  Best of luck in whatever you do, Francesca.

Annual DREAM Conference February 14th-17th 

The annual DREAM conference, hosted by Achieving the Dream, will be convening from February 14th-17th, 2022.  Like last year, the conference will be virtual.  Scholars, staff, administrators, faculty, and students from around the country will gather to discuss best practices and reforms to improve the student experience at the community college level.  

A group from Lane will be attending, composed of a large number of our First Year Math and Writing Team.  One of Lane’s Guided Pathways aspirations for the 21-22 academic year is for this team to redesign first year math and writing to enable students to experience success and close equity gaps.  Success in program level math and writing is a key early momentum indicator for student retention and success.