For more information on the scheduled psychomotor exams in Oregon, visit the Oregon Health Authority Oregon Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program page for Practical Exams here: 

Oregon Examination Schedule


Students Requesting to Join Lane Practical Exam

Please complete this request form to join a Lane EMS Practical Exam: Student Request to Join Psychomotor Exam

Your request must be complete and must be submitted 5 weeks before AEMT Exams and 4 weeks before EMT or EMTI Exams.

After completing the form, if you have questions you can email us at


Interested in working a Lane Practical Exam


Please complete this interest form to be a part of Lane EMS Practical Exams: Interest to work Psychomotor Exams


State of Oregon License

To apply for a State of Oregon license you will need to go to the following website:

In the first week of our classes we go through the process to set up an account with you.

After creating your account, you will login to your account (or follow the Forgot Username or Password link) and then follow the links to apply for your initial license. You will need to have a copy of your NREMT certificate, proof of a high school diploma or GED, and a copy of your CPR certificate. You will also have to have fingerprints taken (instructions on how to do this will be found in the application process). The State of Oregon charges a $110 licensing fee for EMT. The following link gives you this and other information:


NREMT License