Field and clinical preceptors are an integral part of the Lane Community College Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program educational team. The Program’s clinical and field rotations provide students the extremely valuable opportunity to practice critical thinking skills and apply their didactic and psychomotor knowledge to real patient care scenarios. To that end, as a clinical or field preceptor you play a critical role in the training of our future EMTs and paramedics as role models, mentors, educators, and evaluators. Without your participation, it would be impossible for the Program to train competent graduates.

Preceptors are encouraged to consult with Program staff concerning any matter that is unclear about the course, rules, regulations, policies, or any subject with which they may be having difficulty.

Paramedic Preceptor Program Training Manual

For the purposes of accreditation, all preceptors must document the training and review of our programs materials. 

Lane Clinical Preceptor Training Manual 2022-2023 

Lane Paramedic Clinical Handbook 2022-2023


Paramedic Student Field Manual

Lane Field Preceptor Training Manual 2023-2024

Lane Capstone Field Manual 2023-2024


Paramedic Preceptor Acknowledgement Forms

There are a couple choices to document preceptor training; there is a forms link, and a printable single or group preceptor PDF’s to print and sign. If paper copy is used, please scan and email to

Link to Google Form: Preceptor Acknowledgement (preferred method)

Preceptor Acknowledgement Individual Form (PDF)

Preceptor Acknowledgement Group Form (PDF)