Unplanned Downtime

We’ve had an issue the last few days on PLN, following an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress/Buddypress. Everyone was able to log in and do everything normally – except for administrators. Since, unfortunately, that’s everyone that can post to this blog, we’re a little behind. Here’s the deployments we’ve missed:

We’re about 60% done moving pages.

We fixed the problem, by the way. Just needed to up our memory limits.

3580 Pages to Go

Although we only deployed one chunk today, we’re officially down to only 3580 pages to go. Given that we were looking at 17,000 pages a year ago, and 9000 pages a few months ago, we’re pretty happy! The end is almost in sight!

Deployments today:

Last Deployments of July

We’ve reached the end of our last two week sprint in July. A couple team members will be out on a mid summer vacation next week, so things might slow down, but before we worry about that, here’s the deployments of the day:

We also had an internal goal of 50% of all college departments moved to Drupal by the end of July (and there’s still time to do more!). Although our progress goals would seem to indicate that we’ve only moved 45% of departments, we’ve actually moved 62% if we only look at the ones that we’re going to eventually move to Drupal.