Goals update – Spring 2019

We’re about half way through the year for our goals. Let’s take a look at where we are:

Goal 1: We’ve launched several new programs pages, including 2D Art, Cybersecurity, Film, Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Theatre. That puts us in great shape for meeting this goal, with 8 programs launched in the first half of the year (there were 2 launched last post).

Goal 2: Done, though we’re still trying to work some of our non-credit programs in.

Goal 3: We’re close on this goal, but not quite there. To date, we’re up 4.61%. That’s a slight improvement over last check-in, but we’ll need to improve faster to get to our full 5% goal.

Goal 4: While we still don’t have any firm details, we’re hoping to soon. Honest! We’ve made some progress since last time.